Cairns Landscaping Contractors have been paving the way for a better outdoor lifestyle for over 30 years. With experience in all facets of domestic and commercial landscaping, we have positioned ourselves as industry leaders in supplying clients with the most experienced, professional landscaping services.

For more than three decades our company has been making Cairns a more beautiful place to live and visit, with our creative landscape design services coupled with a very efficient construction team. The business is run under the close supervision of local owner Bill Tilley, ably supported by his team of experienced landscapers. For more information contact Bill on 0429 671 134 or

Bill Tilley

Passionate about landscaping and the beautification of the area in which he lives. Proud to be local. Loves Cairns and the Far North.

Our Vision

To always be innovative. To use quality materials, suppliers and labour to exceed our customers’ expectations on quality and price.

Our Team

Qualified and experienced people, committed to customer satisfaction. Landscapers, carpenters, engineers and pavers.


Cairns Landscaping Contractors have been established in the region since 1990. Since that time, we have grown from providing brick, cobble paving and stone work services to today, where we offer a full host of professional landscaping services. We pride ourselves on taking care of everything for your landscaping project. From the initial planning stage, right through to the final touches.

Our company really made a turning point in 1995, when we assisted in the construction of sea walls at both Green Island and Boigu Island in the Torres Strait. This opened the doors to our commercial division, which services the landscaping needs of various clients, including resorts, hotels and other properties.

Cairns Landscaping Contractors also cater to the demands of major government contracts, delivering outstanding landscaping solutions to suit all environmental conditions. We have successfully completed several major government projects, including schools, playgrounds and equipment.

Cairns Landscaping Contractors are a professional landscaping business. We adhere to all current Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental practices. We are specialists in hillslopes, soil stabilisation and retaining wall systems. We have developed hundreds of projects over the years, for both residential and commercial clients, and will continue to expand our expertise, services and products to meet client needs and requirements.

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