Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall

Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall Mt Sheridan Retaining Wall

Project Overview

Cairns Landscaping Contractors recently completed a Mount Sheridan retaining wall project. The property already had a retaining wall, but it was constructed of timber and over time, had begun to collapse and deteriorate.

Our brief was to remove the existing wall and replace it with a new one, constructed of materials which would provide long lasting results. Complicating the project, was the need to remove several trees behind the existing wall, before we could commence demolition works.

Once the trees were removed, we set to work, creating an engineered retaining wall with no fines concrete back fill, to minimise impact on the land area. This involved digging the earth, to create a new wall ‘ledge’, and installing the blockwork to form the retaining wall.

We then added a fence, creating privacy for the property and a stylish exterior façade. Final works included paving between the new fence and house, creating a paved driveway and parking area and completing it all with a functional double, swing gate.

To keep weeds at bay and optimize presentation, a border of decorative rocks and stones were placed between the paving, property and fence.

In total, this Mount Sheridan retaining wall, fencing and paving project took about 3-4 weeks to complete, with between 4-5 people assisting with work. We were very happy with the finished look, which enhanced the external presentation of the property. Our customer was happy too.

Project Specifications

ProjectDan Jones Drive

Remove collapsing timber retaining wall and replace with a new keystone wall. Install a new fence and gate, with a new paved driveway and parking area. Finish with decorative stones.

ServicesRetaining Wall | Fencing | Paving
LocationMt Sheridan
Duration3-4 weeks

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