Cairns disaster and cyclone clean-up services, of the garden kind, are provided by the professional crew of landscapers at Cairns Landscaping Contractors. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to capably clean-up your garden. Our clean-up services include, but are not limited to, cut down and take away, trimming and tidy up, replanting and restoration.

We are the landscape professionals and we’ll take care of your clean-up, leaving you to attend to the other matters at hand.

No job too big, or too tough. Contact Bill for a free quote today on 0429 671 134 or

Disaster Clean-Ups

Proudly cleaning up after various types of disaster events, including flooding, fire and storms. Experienced landscaping crew, will remove all damaged vegetation from your site.

Cyclone Clean-Ups

Cyclones cause massive damage to gardens, even if they don’t directly impact our area. Cairns Landscaping Contractors can trim trees, remove hard and soft vegetation and clean-up the mess.

Site Restoration Services

Once the clean-up is complete, and pending the nature and extent of the damage, we can also provide site restoration services with new plantings, installation of appropriate irrigation and more.


Cairns Landscaping Contractors are the experienced professionals, when it comes to Cairns garden disaster and cyclone clean-up services. We’ve been operating since 1990 and have successfully provided garden and vegetation clean-up services, to private gardens and schools, many times over the years. Extensive range of equipment and personnel, capable of trimming, collecting and removing hard and soft vegetation and plantings. Have assisted after localized flooding, major storms and cyclones. For more information, please complete and submit the below form.

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