Cairns engineered retaining walls, constructed from block, timber or rock, are built to last when you choose Cairns Landscaping Contractors, as your preferred contractor. Our extensive retaining wall experience covers pretty much every landscape, soil type and application you can think of.

We were the main Sub Contractor on the construction of the Sea Walls at Green Island and Boigu Island in the Torres Strait. When you want to work with an experienced designer and builder of Cairns engineered retaining walls, then you need to contact Cairns Landscaping Contractors. We’ve got the skills, accreditations and experience you can trust.

No job too big, or too tough. Contact Bill today for a free quote on 0429 671 134 or

Block Retaining Walls

Block retaining walls are commonly used on residential properties, constructed on sloping blocks. They’re solid and robust and can be created in a range of materials and colours.

Timber & Rock Retaining Walls

Timber and rock retaining walls provide a more organic finish and lend themselves to the creation of raised garden beds and similar. Can also be applied to the exterior of other forms of retaining walls.


Seawalls are a specialty service. It’s a difficult build, in a challenging environment, requiring robust solutions. We’ve been there and done that, on Green Island and the Torres Straits.


Cairns retaining walls feature heavily in the built landscape of many suburbs around the city, including Edge Hill, Whitfield, Redlynch, Freshwater and Stratford. Why? Cairns itself is surrounded by mountains and hills, as our housing has pushed out and up, so too has the need to create a level landscape, and that’s exactly what retaining walls allow for.

Why do you want to ensure your retaining wall is engineered? There’s two very important reasons. Firstly, it’s the law. Legislation only allows a height of 1m if not Engineered. Secondly, due to their very nature, these walls are under immense pressure. If you fail to have them engineered and constructed appropriately, there is an increased risk of collapse. With potential damage to property, place and people.

Hand in hand with our Cairns engineered retaining wall services, are our hillside and soil stabilization services. We’re a professional landscaping business adhering to all current Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental practices. We offer a complete service, from design and construct, to the addition of appropriate plantings and landscaping.

At Cairns Landscaping Contractors we take care of everything. From the initial planning, right through to the final touches, so you can rest assured your retaining wall project will be completed promptly and professionally. On land and at sea, we’re the retaining wall specialists. No job too big, or too tough.

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