Cairns fencing services are a natural extension to our retaining wall and landscaping capabilities.

As leaders in the design and construction of engineered retaining walls, we’re often called upon to create a complementary fence and landscaping solution. By offering these services together, Cairns Landscaping Contractors can provide a comprehensive plan and solution for any problematic blocks and/or gardens.

Fences can be designed and constructed to create a feature or built using materials which blend effortlessly with the surrounding landscape. All our Cairns fencing work is completed by qualified professionals, using quality equipment.

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Cairns Fences

We can design and construct fences using a range of materials and colours, from timber panels to steel posts and poles. Horizontal and vertical installation. Practical and stylish solutions.

Fences & Gates

Need a gate too. No problems. Cairns Landscaping Contractors have a range of gates available, from the ornamental garden gate to a full driveway gate. Single or double doors.

Manual or Automatic

Making the practical, functional as well. Automatic gates are definitely worth considering. There’s nothing worse than opening the gate in the rain.


Cairns Landscaping Contractors have the skills and capabilities to design, construct and install a fence for your property. We can deliver this as a standalone service, but more commonly we combine it with some of our other skills to provide a one-stop service. Innovative designs, quality materials, lasting solutions. For more information on our Cairns fence and landscaping services, please complete and submit the below form.

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